Location: Marina Cay

After halfway through our awesome adventure of Action Quest, we started the day with an average wake up of 6.30am. To start the day, we had a delicious breakfast of cereal. Mini Wheats, Special K, and the all-known Cheerios to get us ready for a long and fun sail to Road Town to replenish our water and fuel supply. After docking and loading up on the essentials, we headed on another upwind sail to Ginger Steps, a beautiful dive site that slowly gets deeper, like steps. On the dive with my instructor, Tim, we found tons of colorful fish but what peaked my interest most was the sleeping nurse shark we saw in the coral reef we swam through and were very interested as none of us had seen one before. At the end of the dive, we were performing our safety stop; we spotted a group of squid right before ascending. After surfacing, from our great dive, we had amazing tuna sandwiches for lunch. We left the steps while munching down our lunch. We did the dishes along the way and pilled out our jib sheet, the front sail on our catamaran. Amongst arriving in our new home for 5 hours, Trellis Bay, we decided to give back to our fellow friends of the BVI by going on a cleanup dive/snorkel to pick up trash along the beach at Trellis. After several hours of cleaning, we returned our boats to enjoy excellent Tortellini for dinner as we get ready for our lifeworks this evening.