Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a very relaxed day. We woke up from last night’s BBQ and made our way back to Muskmelon Bay. We rafted with Salsa, another boat in the fleet. We then enjoyed a morning of sailing, swimming, and watersports. We set up a rope swing on Salsa and had a lot of fun doing flips and dives. We competed to see who could climb up the swing that was attached to the boom. We loved listening to music and having a small dance party. We ate tuna sandwiches and PB+Js for lunch. After an awesome morning, we set sail for Cane Garden Bay. Half the crew made bracelets and tied cool knots. We arrived at one of the greatest surprises ever. The shoes that we accidentally threw away and put through the trash compactor had been tracked down! We all have our shoes again just in time for our big hike tomorrow. We all enjoyed soaking our shoes in soapy water and washing them off. We then enjoyed a lovely meal prepared by Sydney and Lucia. It was another great day on Blue Tide, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!