Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

We started off the morning with French toast as we headed around the corner of Mountain Point for our fish ID dive. To spot and name five different fish, Maggie and I explored the coral reef and observed the many different types of fish. Some of us saw tarpon chasing a barracuda and a huge school of fish surrounding all of us. After the dive, we headed to Levericks Bay to eat lunch and shop around. Many of us got stickers from port to add to our collection from the trip. After a great afternoon, we headed to Vixon Point for the Neptunes to do their boat diver lecture and the Dolphins to do their mangrove snorkel. While everyone was heating up in the sun, we had a relay race on the beach that ended in the water to cool off. Then we all got ready for the beach barbecue. It started with burgers and a delicious, fresh fruit salad, followed by singing and crazy dancing. This was topped off with relaxing and talking in lawn chairs by the water with the cool breeze. To end the day, we thought the power went off in the boat but then Cat came to the rescue with a flick of a button.