Location: Marina Cay

This morning was one of the best because we got to sleep a half hour more than usual. Feeling refreshed we quickly ate breakfast, and then set of to practice sailing circles. Since I was skipper, I got to go first and get the sails up. It was pretty great to be in charge of everyone. After a bunch of people practiced, we went to Trellis Bay where we got to have lunch. I ate lunch with Caroline, Helen and Max. It was so funny because Max inhaled his sandwich in literally two minutes. Then I bought some Nutella because I just have to have my Nutella. Then we went back to the boat and motored off to Marina Cay where we are going to spend the night. We got a bunch of food and new sheets, which was amazing. Now I am in the salon writing this blog. After I finish, we are going to eat dinner. We are having tortellini, which is the bomb. Then tonight we are having a Lifeworks Forum. I really like those because they are really eye opening. Ok that’s it. Today was great.