Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today is definitely one to remember! We started off the day with cereal, yogurt and yummy fruits. As soon as the last dish was up, we set up our gear for our dive. All of the Neptunes met on our boat for the wreck dive. After our brief, we all splashed and dove by far my favorite wreck yet. We saw tons of fish including several lionfish, pretty coral and even a toilet at 85 feet. After the dive, we all surfaced and grilled cheese was waiting for us. They were so good! Then it was time to relax and hangout. Our whole boat played cards, talked and played in the sun. After 3 hours or so, we set up our gear again for a fun dive. This dive was super pretty, it was the Rhone anchor and a great wall. On our descent, Pietra and I saw several Queen Triggerfish, which are my favorite fish. That dive was super pretty and fun. Now, we are all hanging out, having good laughs, and growing closer than we already are. The chefs today are cooking up AQ’s version of a Thanksgiving feast for dinner, and then we are having a movie night. Today (and all other days) has been one for the books. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!