Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up a teensy bit earlier than usual while underway from our anchorage in Sommer’s Beach to our next rotation spot in Muskmelon Bay. A little snoozy, we clambered into the cockpit to chow down on some delicious oatmeal sheltered from light drizzle. When we arrived we took our time to relax and decompress. When the sky cleared up we rushed on deck to set up our second boom swing. We took turns safely flipping and flopping into the crystal clear water for about an hour, only stopping to bask in the sun. The rotations had begun! Next some swam in the water or took turns on the Zest sailboats. Once noon approached the cooks set out a delicious lunch of PB+Js and tuna sandwiches. Shortly after I opted to ring the sailboats back to Ocean Star and also got a mini-tour of the boat. It’s so spacious! Next we hauled back to San Souci and showered midday before our next departure to Cane Garden Bay. It was a good, chill sail with practice on winches, jibes, and sheeting. Then we stocked up on water with a few peeps on some cute baby goats. After I helped anchor, with a good spread may I add, we prepped dinner- sooo good! After that we cleaned up and got ready for a sail chat.