Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started at the usual it seems on this trip, at 6:30 and students struggling to leave hammocks. We had a wonderful breakfast and listened to the wonderful morning CD before leaving for the day’s adventure. We left the harbor and went on our way to Ginger Island to dive a new site for all, including our staff. We dove Ginger Steps, which is a wonderful reef that descends to 92 feet- don’t worry parents, we are going to be professionals. We saw a shark and ascended back onto the boat, fighting waves climbing onto the boat. We left Ginger Island and began our journey up to Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, which will be our safe harbor for now. After waking everyone up from “study sessions”, we motored in. We went on a tank run, taking the used tanks on the long dinghy ride over rough seas two boats over to Manic. We unloaded the 100 tanks (really 20), reloaded them and moved on our way back over the seas. Now we wait in anticipation for dives that are more exciting, teaching sessions, knowledge reviews and interactions with the open water students helping them discover diving. Happy Father’s Day!