Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

La Bella Vita woke up to oatmeal and a long day ahead. It was our first race day! The skippers had a meeting at 7:30 to discuss the first races course. The student skippers got to engage with other captains and ask questions. Right after we finished, Bella made her way to the starting line. It was not a very long race, and we finished in fourth place out of eight boats. We ended up in West End exactly where we started the trip. All the students ate lunch and shopped while Bella filled up on fuel instead of fries. Soon we were off to our second race of the day. This race would be much harder than the first one. We would have to tack from side to side as we headed directly into the wind. Our attempt was legitimate, and Bella was met with Manic. Throwing eggs from boat to boat the crew sped towards Great Harbor on Peter Island. We came in a close second, and we’re excited for the final race day. In Great Harbor, we met up with Squeakybrat for a boom swing. We took a rope, tied it to our boom and swung into the water. It was awesome. Tonight we had Mexican for dinner, and the Barracudas are preparing for a night dive.