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British Virgin Islands - 2022, Session 1

Welcome to West End

Location: West End, Tortola

Can’t believe arrival day is already here! Up to today, we have been hard at work preparing everything to make sure first session is a blast. Now all that is left is to greet our 12 new shipmates! That being said: we wanted to introduce you to the staff of MereCat!

CLAIRE: skipper, medical person in charge, and the idea man
Can’t wait to teach sailing
Lived in Texas for most of her life
Almost a rescue scuba diver
Is always up for new challenges
RYA ocean yachtmaster
Excited for the summer to begin!

SYDNEI: dive instructor, medical person in charge, and the goofy one
Stoked to breathe underwater
Yachting master in theory
Draws in her free time
Never tired
Experienced in all things AQ
Insanely pumped to get the summer rolling!

ASH: dive instructor, medical person in charge, and the wise one
Avid gamer
Scuba enthusiast and lover of the sea
Hails from England/Australia, depending on the day

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