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British Virgin Islands - 2022, Session 1

Day 1 Blog

Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Hi, my name is Robert, and I am the first skipper of our Action Quest trip on board the boat “Meant to Be”! Today we had an awesome day where we started with a talk with Mike about what the trip will be like. After, we got to shop around town for snacks for a bit, and we got to learn how boats dock to get fresh water. We went out sailing today, and where the only action quest boat out of all of them to put BOTH of our sails up! We grabbed a mooring ball at the caves on Norman Island to do our swim test, snorkel, and do our first jump-in shower, which I think worked out really well and will be good to use in the future! Then we went around the corner to Norman Island Bite and had some free time to play cards, read, and just chill if we wanted to. We ended the day with an amazing sloppy joe dinner and squeeze, which is an activity we do after dinner to end an amazing day!