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British Virgin Islands - 2021, Session 3

Flowering Skills

Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Everyone woke up a little later this morning at around 7, thanks to an early morning CD that seemed as if it was made a few years ago. Danny’s still trying to convince the staff on the Odin II to let us use his iPod to play other music. We then got ready to learn 7 essential knots for sailing, following a great breakfast of eggs with a side of apples and pineapple. On top of all this excitement, today was rotation day 🥳! Which means we had a bunch of activities that the fleet would switch between. Our boat had knot tying, water sports, setting up scuba then our first scuba dive! On the girls, water sports boat, Katie, Grace, and Lila showed off their skills on the skis and wakeboards. Emily and Daria tried their best, but overall, everyone had a great time. After water sports, everyone jumped off the boat and had an exhilarating experience with our new best friends, the jellyfish. Before our first dive, we learned how to set up our gear with Cara, one of the 3 dive instructors we met today. Then we traveled to Saleya, another boat in the fleet, to go on our first dive. We saw some fish and practiced important skills for when we go deeper. Today we dove in shallower water. A quote from Conner about this experience, “It’s like being an astronaut in the ocean,” which is something Danny loves to say as well. After dinner, we did the squeeze lead by the skipper, Emily, who asked what type of flower you would be and why. Zach followed this by saying he would be a sunflower since they’re tall like him, and Avram said, “I would be a sunflower cause they’re tall, the opposite of me.” The day ended by doing butterfly stretch on the bow of the boat, which was a bonding experience, to say the least.