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British Virgin Islands - 2021, Session 2

Welcome to Odin II !

Location: West End, Tortola

After a long winter of prep and waiting and a fabulous Session 1 under their belts, the staff of Odin II are beyond excited to welcome their 12 new shipmates onboard for session 2. In the past few days of turnaround, the staff refilled the boat on food, fitting it into any crevice we could find, scrubbed off 3 weeks of grime indicative of adventures that occurred during session 1. We stocked up on fuel, dive and sailing books, ski gear, and everything else we’ll need over the next 3 weeks. But something’s missing! The salon is quiet, the shrouds aren’t littered with hammocks, and there is a noted absence of dance parties occurring in the cockpit. Though the boat and staff may be ready for a 21-day sailing adventure around the BVI, it can’t happen until our 12 shipmates arrive on board. After having so much fun during session one, the staff of Odin 2 are ready to replace old inside jokes and strange accents with new ones and start getting to know their new shipmates. After a long day of traveling today, we know our shipmate's arrival will probably want to head to bed right when they arrive, but we hope to tempt them with a lovely dinner of Tortellini and Garlic Bread before they get some rest to prepare for the beginning of our adventure starting early tomorrow morning.

- Nick (Skipper), Liz ( Dive Instructor), Allie (Mate)