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British Virgin Islands - 2019, Session 2

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

After wrapping up a great first session, we are all excited to get going on an equally awesome second one! We have spent the past few days working to turn the boats over and prep for a whole new crew of shipmates to step onboard. We can't wait to get started on a packed session of teaching advanced diving, specialty certifications, marine bio, and sailing. Beyond all the cool program stuff we have planned, we're most excited to get to know everyone on board and turn what will start as a group of strangers, into a small boat family! We have students arriving from all over multiple countries, and we can't wait to get started and cast lines from the dock!

Here is an introduction of the crew on Orka Tew:

Jon: Skipper/Divemaster

Growing up on the ocean with his three brothers in Australia, Jon’s father taught his boys to swim by throwing them off the back of the boat! This jump in and learn attitude gave Jon a love for the ocean and an appreciation for everything in it and led to him becoming a Divemaster and boat captain. Jon spends his days in the Whitsunday Islands, taking people spearfishing, diving, and sailing. He is escaping the Australian winter to join the ActionQuest team this summer and is looking forward to teaching diving and sailing on the other side of the world.

Mara: Dive Instructor/Mate

Mara grew up in New York City and first came to AQ in 2013 as a new shipmate eager to learn sailing and diving for the first time. After four summers sailing as a student, she was completely hooked and went on to become a staff member. She recently took a gap year to sail with Seamester aboard S/Y Argo, crossing the Indian Ocean from Australia to South Africa, and working on getting her PADI scuba instructor certification and her Master of Yachts 200 ton. She absolutely loves everything to do with the ocean and travel and could not possibly be more excited to work for the program that was so formative for her as a teenager. When not spending her summers at ActionQuest, Mara is a student at the University of Colorado and enjoys hiking, skiing, climbing, and anything that allows her to spend time outdoors!

Eva: Dive Instructor/Marine Scientist

Eva first discovered her love for SCUBA diving while studying marine biology in Tanzania. Her experience conducting research on the coral reefs in the Indian Ocean inspired her to become a dive professional and share her love for the ocean by teaching SCUBA. When she is not diving, Eva spends her time sea kayaking, cross-country skiing, and whitewater rafting. She has worked as a science educator and wilderness instructor for four years and is a Wilderness First Responder. Eva is passionate about marine conservation and enjoys underwater photography, night diving, and identifying marine macroinvertebrates.