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British Virgin Islands - 2019, Session 1

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

The crew of Saleya is so excited to get underway for their first session with nine Divemaster candidates on board. We've been getting everything prepped over the past week and are pumped for three weeks full of diving, sailing, water sports, and adventuring around the British Virgin Islands, but mostly we can't wait to meet our shipmates!

Here is an introduction to the crew on Saleya:

Claire- Skipper

Claire grew up in Houston and had her first experience sailing during her gap year on a Sea|mester voyage from Darwin, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa on S/Y Argo. After an amazing semester, she decided to keep sailing and ended up staying in Cape Town to complete her Yachtmaster Ocean license. Claire is currently in the engineering school at the University of Virginia and is a member of their club sailing team. She’s super excited to have the opportunity to work at AQ this summer and help create a fantastic experience for all of her students.

Andy- Dive Instructor/Mate

This will be Andy’s 4th year with ActionQuest, and he can’t wait to meet his new crew and the people who will make the summer so special. He’s spent the last several years traveling, learning different techniques, and being a part of communities in Central America. He lives five months of each year in Guatemala, being a part of his community there. He can often be found dancing, singing, meditating, practicing yoga, cooking some delicious treats, and exploring the oceans. After 2014 when he became an instructor, his love for the ocean and everything in it has grown and grown. He can’t wait to return for another AQ summer this year!

Kate- Dive Instructor/Mate

Kate grew up a competitive swimmer and scuba diver in Boston, MA. Having interned at her local dive shop after high school, she got bit by the diving bug and hasn’t looked back. Kate earned her Divemaster certification at 18, instructor certification at 20, and completed her BA in Archaeology at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. After working full-time as a scuba instructor after graduation, Kate realized how much she loves teaching and is now pursuing a Masters of Education at Boston University. She has taught scuba in New England, Ireland, and the U.S. Virgin Islands as an SSI Instructor, PADI Instructor, and BSAC Assistant Instructor. Kate’s a big fan of hiking, road trips, tacos, and puns and is constantly hoping to see dolphins when she gets in the water.