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British Virgin Islands - 2016, Session 3

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

As the beautiful Caribbean sun rises over the AQ dock in West End, Tortola, the staff of Squeaky brat will be excitedly awaiting the arrival of their crew! Since the close of the previous program, all of the vessels have been revamped in anticipation of the 17 day voyage that lays ahead. Squeaky brat, our gorgeous Beneteau 50.5, has been stocked with all the supplies needed to be a floating home at sea. We have outfitted her with hundreds of pounds of food, water, fuel and of course, the very important PADI scuba training materials and IYT sailing materials needed for this trip! With each student having their dive manuals and sailing manuals with crisp pages waiting to be turned, all we need is the students themselves! The stunning beauty of the BVI continues to amaze us each and every day and we're so pumped to share this incredible place with our students. See you soon!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Squeaky brat:

Jake: Skipper/Dive Instructor

Easily recognizable by the constant smile on his face, Jake coordinates half of the Vega fleet. Brought into diving by his mom, Jake has experience diving all over the world, from the murky, freezing waters of the Great Lakes to the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean. After returning home from a life- changing trip with ActionQuest in2005, Jake knew he had to become involved with the program. Now as a skipper and PADI instructor, Jake strives to provide his shipmates with the same incredible experience he had as a student. Jake recently made the move to Sarasota, and manages enrollment and business development for ActionQuest.

Annie: Dive Instructor/Mate

Annie was born and raised in North Carolina, where she visited the beach frequently and developed a great respect for the marine world. When she was fifteen she attended ActionQuest and fell head over flippers in love with diving and sailing. She continued diving every chance, she got and in January 2015, she became a PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor. Annie is a student at Northeastern University in Boston where she studies Economics and Business. When she’s not in the library, she can be found sailing on the Charles River and throughout New England with Northeasterns team. When the water is frozen, she spends her weekends snowboarding in Maine and Vermont. Annie loves spending time outside and exploring new places.

Emma: Divemaster/Medic/Mate

Ever since Emma first got certified as a diver in 2008 she has been trying to get to the water as often as possible. She has since become an avid diver of the Northeast and sailed over 6,000 nautical miles! While crossing, the Atlantic last summer with Seamester her favorite parts were looking at the billions of stars and the incredible bioluminescence visible in the middle of the ocean. She completed her EMT course through Boston University, and sees medicine as a large part of her future. She also holds a Divemaster rating and assists with scuba classes in the Boston area. She has a wide range of hobbies and interests, including; playing the piano, eating gourmet mac n cheese, reading textbooks, fencing, hiking and stargazing.