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British Virgin Islands - 2016, Session 3

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

The first day of third session has finally arrived, and we, the staff members of Sambamba, cannot wait to meet our new crewmembers. We have been very busy the past few days, restocking the boat with dry food, sorting out fruits and vegetables, and gathering dive gear; preparing for what we hope to be our new shipmates' best summer ever! Our beautiful boat Sambamba is skippered by Ruth, and is supported by Chance, Dive Director, and Jamie who functions as a Dive Instructor and EMT on board. Today ActionQuest has students arriving from all over the world, including onto our vessel, which will house students from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. We hope over the next 17 days they will be able enhance their diving and sailing abilities, all while cultivating new friendships and learning more about themselves. Thank you to the family and friends of those students who will be joining us today, as we prepare them for what will be the experience of a lifetime!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Sambamba:

Ruth: Skipper

Ruth grew up in Chester, England. She has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, and began her career working as an engineer on oilrigs in Africa, Europe and the Middle East where she found her passion for a life of adventure out at sea. Ruth went on to pursue her dream of becoming a Captain by gaining her MCA Yachtmaster and PADI Divemaster. She is now also an RYA Cruising Instructor and Powerboat Instructor, and teaches sailing year-round to people from all walks of life as well as skippering boats. When not sailing or diving, she spends her time on the water, surfing and kite surfing or in the mountains teaching snowboarding. She has traveled all over the world and hopes to, one day, complete sailing around it too.

Jamie: Dive Instructor/Medic/Mate

Jamie grew up in Fort Collins, CO, but now pursues a degree in Marine Science from Eckerd College, as well as being a part of the schools pre-health program. She is a member of the Eckerd College Sailing Team, as well as being a part of Eckerd College EMS team. Jamie is a dive instructor and EMT, with this being her third year working for ActionQuest. Apart from sailing, diving, and utilizing her EMT training, Jamie enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and trying to perfect her dessert baking skills.

Chance: Dive Instructor/Mate

Chance is returning for his second summer as an ActionQuest staff member, where he will be teaching and organizing introductory diving. During the past nine months, Chance returned to his sunny home state of Florida to finish his senior year at Rollins College, where he completed his bachelors degree in biology with a focus on infectious diseases. Chance discovered scuba diving at the young age of 10, and the underwater world opened the door to a very adventurous lifestyle and incredibly outgoing personality. Finding ActionQuest by accident turned out to be a stroke of luck, and after participating in multiple sessions in the British Virgin Islands as well as crossing an ocean onboard their college vessel S/Y Argo, Chance is continuing to share his passion for diving and sailing at the program he claims changed his life.