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Australia - 2015, Session 1

Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of the World

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well, our group worked very hard to get to Australia, but after a few canceled and rescheduled flights, they finally made it to Sydney! As we pulled up to the hostel where we are staying in Bondi Beach for the next few days, everyone had their breath taken away by the amazing view. Today was perfect weather with bright blue skies being reflected in the beautiful blue water, pushing up against picturesque cliffs and the white sandy beach. After dropping off bags and making some chicken Caesar wraps at the hostel, we walked along the beach to Let's Go Surfing, where we donned wetsuits and grabbed boards and headed down to the beach for a surf lesson. This was the perfect location for a surf lesson; we couldn't have asked for a better set up and conditions. It was amazing to watch everyone over the next few hours as you could see everyone really progress and go from barely being able to hold on to the board to standing up and riding a wave all the way to the beach. I think we have a few new surf addicts in the group! It was a perfect way to start our adventure in Australia. We had a great dinner of fish and chips at a local seafood restaurant and came together for our first squeeze as a group. It was early to bed for most as there is a bit of jet lag amongst the group, but we will all be well rested for tomorrow's trip to visit the Blue Mountains. So excited to have the group together in Sydney, and we cannot wait to share the rest of our adventure with you over the next few weeks!