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British Virgin Islands - 2014, Session 2

Staff Update!

Location: West End, Tortola

Day one has been a hectic but awesome one! We have been running around getting all of the Lifeworks gear together for the new session, fooding the boats, and waiting for the new shipmates to arrive. Ethan was staying over from ActionQuest's first session and has been a huge help getting Moko Jumbie ready today! The staff is so excited for everyone to arrive so we can get our session started. Some of our projects will be turtling, mangroving, painting, cleaning up beaches, and so much more. We are very excited to meet everyone and start seeing all of the islands and helping out the community!
Here is a short introduction to the staff of Moko Jumbie:

Anna- Skipper

Anna is from Siler City, North Carolina. She graduates in December 2014 from North Carolina State University with a degree in Marine Sciences. She was a shipmate on ActionQuest for two summers and a student on Sea|mester, sailing Argo from the BVIs to Tahiti in the spring of 2013. She then headed to the BVIs for her first summer working for Lifeworks and ActionQuest. She has her MCA Master of Yachts limited and is a Rescue diver. Anna loves sailing, the ocean, traveling, and pizza and cannot wait for her second summer on Lifeworks!

Quincey- Mate EMT

This will be Quincey's second summer with Lifeworks, and she is incredibly excited to be returning as an EMT and sailing instructor. Quincey is a certified basic EMT and Rescue Diver and is working towards attaining her Divemaster certification. She has recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, where she took many classes pertaining specifically to adolescent development. Quincey is passionate about food and healthy lifestyles, and she plans to continue her education in the direction of holistic nutrition and health this coming fall.

David- Mate

David was born in Louisiana but spent most of his life in New Jersey, where he currently attends Princeton University. David has loved sailing since he was nine and has been an avid diver since the age of 10. He was introduced to ActionQuest when he was 13. Since then, he has spent several summers as a shipmate with AQ in the BVIs, one on the S/Y Argo in the Mediterranean, and one with Lifeworks in Ecuador. David is currently taking a year off from school and just finished a 12,000km bike race across Africa. He loves being outside, playing sports, and eating large amounts of food.