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British Virgin Islands - 2014, Session 1

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End, Tortola

Welcome aboard the good ship Catalinaville! Our crew is extremely excited to kick off Summer 2014 with our first group of Lifeworks shipmates! Over the past couple of weeks here in the British Virgin Islands, the ActionQuest/Lifeworks team has been carefully planning for this day. From loading up our vessels with tasty food to inflating the fleet of dinghies, from staff-wide medical training to sorting out hammocks, not a single detail has been overlooked. Our vessel, Catalinaville, is a gorgeous 46-foot catamaran with four cabins, a massive salon area, top-notch galley, and a large deck trampoline (which is perfect for sleeping under the stars). We will spend our first night on the dock in West End, and the next morning we will begin our journey around the BVIs and set sail up to Norman Island. We are ready and so pumped to meet our shipmates, raise the sails, and start exploring!

- The Crew of Catalinaville

  Elliot, David, and Quincey

Here's an introduction to the staff onboard Catalinaville:

Elliot- Skipper
Elliot was born in Southern California and has since lived in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida, where he currently resides. Elliot is studying at New College of Florida and spent Spring 2011 with Lifeworks sister program, Sea|mester. He chose to work with Lifeworks after spending two summers in the British Virgin Islands with the program. Elliot loves traveling and meeting new people. He is ecstatic to find a profession that allows him to do both.
Quincey- Mate EMT
This will be Quincey's second summer with Lifeworks, and she is incredibly excited to be returning as an EMT and sailing instructor. Quincey is a certified basic EMT and Rescue Diver and is working towards attaining her Divemaster certification. She has recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, where she took many classes pertaining specifically to adolescent development. Quincey is passionate about food and healthy lifestyles, and she plans to continue her education in the direction of holistic nutrition and health this coming fall.
David- Mate
David was born in Louisiana but spent most of his life in New Jersey, where he currently attends Princeton University. David has loved sailing since he was nine and has been an avid diver since the age of 10. He was introduced to ActionQuest when he was 13. Since then, he has spent several summers as a shipmate with AQ in the BVIs, one on the S/Y Argo in the Mediterranean and one with Lifeworks in Ecuador. David is currently taking a year off from school and just finished a 12,000km bike race across Africa. He loves being outside, playing sports, and eating large amounts of food.