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British Virgin Islands - 2013, Session 2

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End

As I sit here at the end of the dock looking along the ActionQuest fleet of 16 boats, all with their flags flying in the wind, I am filled with anticipation and excitement. Anticipation for the upcoming adventure- meeting the crew and discovering the people I am going to be sharing the next three weeks with. I know that as I wait, that these strangers who will turn up as 13 individuals, will share some of the best moments of their lives, and will experience the highs and lows of living close together on a boat. I look forward to watching these individuals develop and work together, learning how to sail and dive as we navigate around the BVI. Eventually, these 13 young adventurers will turn into a close-knit team, each working together and helping the others, learning as much about themselves as they do about others. I am excited about getting to introduce my shipmates to the BVI. Even though I have sailed around here many times, every time I show my new crew the sights, I see them through new sets of eyes, and then the experience is always new. On board, we will have a mix of budding marine biology students on the Dolphin program, who will be looked after by Jess, and divers doing the Neptune program, which will be headed up by Ben. I am lucky to have such an experienced and knowledgeable staff team, and I cannot wait to begin this new adventure and make memories that will last forever!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Mahi Mahi:

Mike- skipper/dive instructor

Mike has had a passion for the ocean since he was very young. After graduating from university with a masters degree in Marine Environmental Protection, he came to work full time with ActionQuest and Seamester programs. Mike worked aboard our sister ships, Argo and Ocean Star, sailing throughout the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Mike is now a qualified high school Biology teacher in the UK but joins us this summer to act as a Skipper, Marine Biologist and Dive instructor.

Ben- dive instructor/mate

Jess- dive instructor/mate

Jess was born in London, UK with a love of the sea right from the start. She started diving at 15 and has traveled the world since, teaching SCUBA and conducting marine research. Jess holds a degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology and a Master's degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. When not working of ActionQuest, Jess is also working towards a Ph.D. in Environmental Management working with local developing communities in South East Asia to improve the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas. Jess is a PADI MSDT, and HSE Commercial SCUBA diver with experience in designing and running marine monitoring and survey programs, and media experience including working on a BBC documentary.