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British Virgin Islands - 2013, Session 2

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End

Today we will be receiving our shipmates. All of us on Laurasia are getting super excited for our shipmates to come, and can't wait for this session to start!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Laurasia:

Mitch- skipper

Mitchell, adventurer, fine food connoisseur and most importantly, sailor, joined ActionQuest in 2008 after his voyage aboard Sea|mester vessel Ocean Star. During the past six years, he has finished his communications undergrad from the University of Utah while successfully skiing the worlds best powder. Mitchell is a seasoned EMT and currently holds a leadership role in sailing and staff operations at ActionQuest. He most looks forward to teaching the youth valuable life lessons while living aboard and sailing a yacht.

Tucker- dive instructor/mate

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Tucker found his love for the water and scuba diving as a shipmate of ActionQuest in 2006. After attending ActionQuest for multiple years and graduating high school, he knew he needed to move closer to the water. He found himself attending the University of Miami where he studied environmental engineering but could also be close to the ocean. After completing his open water scuba instructor along with his CPR and first aid instructor, Tucker decided to return to ActionQuest as an instructor to further develop and spread his passion for the water.

Rachael- divemaster/mate

Rachael is stoked to be joining the ActionQuest team after six summers of being a shipmate! She is a divemaster who is passionate about diving and is thrilled to be taking the first professional step into the scuba community. She studies at Auburn University in Alabama and is a pre-med student minoring in French. She also loves music and can always be heard singing a bright tune!