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British Virgin Islands - 2013, Session 1

Staff Update Day 1

Location: West End

Are you ready? Are you excited? Because we are! Our boat is clean; everything is loaded, the sound system works- so let the countdown begin! We are looking forward to welcoming our shipmates on board Mahi Mahi, our fantastic catamaran for the next few weeks! In the words of our scuba instructor Jin, "let's make some memories, Team Mahi!" So come armed with your energy, enthusiasm, music, passion, your toothbrush, and most importantly, your dance moves! Now, let's do this!

Here is an introduction to the crew of Mahi Mahi:

Mike- skipper/dive instructor

Mike has had a passion for the ocean since he was very young. After graduating from university with a masters degree in Marine Environmental Protection, he came to work full time with ActionQuest and Seamester programs. Mike worked aboard our sister ships, Argo and Ocean Star, sailing throughout the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Mike is now a qualified high school Biology teacher in the UK but joins us this summer to act as a Skipper, Marine Biologist and Dive instructor.

Jin- dive instructor/mate Jin first began diving while attending university in Australia for a Bachelors of Marine Science, emphasizing in Marine Biology and Marine Geosciences. While studying, she dove as much as possible and became a PADI instructor.  After graduating, she moved to Singapore to work for a company which involved developing the yachting industry in Asia. During that time, she made the most of the weekends by instructing in Malaysia or traveling to dive new places (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, and Mozambique). Jin's favorite things include: seeing the world, catching up with old mates, gummy bears, and a good laugh.

Jess- dive instructor/mate

Jess was born in London, UK with a love of the sea right from the start.  She started diving at 15 and has traveled the world since, teaching SCUBA and conducting marine research. Jess holds a degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology and a Master's degree in Biodiversity and Conservation. When not with ActionQuest, Jess is working towards a Ph.D. in Environmental Management, working with local developing communities in South East Asia to improve the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas. Jess is a PADI MSDT and HSE Commercial SCUBA diver with experience in designing and running marine monitoring and survey programs, and media experience including working on a BBC documentary.