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British Virgin Islands - 2013, Session 1

Staff Update: Thanks for AQ

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

As we sat around the cockpit this evening, dining upon a summer Thanksgiving feast, the atmosphere was a close-knit family. Our skipper Regina's squeeze question, "what are you thankful for?" sparked an unanimous answer. We all were thankful to be here at Action Quest. I especially am thankful for each member on board Love of my Life. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact we've been together ten days and know each other so well. We mesh perfectly; each member is essential. Today PADI Rescue diving exercises six and seven went very smoothly. It was impressive how quickly our group caught on to such difficult concepts. I was proud of Alex's dedication to redo each step of exercise seven until he had it down - all with such a positive attitude. During free time our boat split into two groups. Our captain Sam and dive instructor Ben, took Alex W., Austin, Gus, and Casey wakeboarding. They pulled off some pretty sweet tricks on glassy water. Quin, Kathleen, Ian, Carlos, William, Nathalie, Regina, Allison and I played an intense card game of spoons around the galley table. Nathalie was our champion! With each passing day, I become more impressed as our crew learns about each other: diving, sailing, and life skills. I wait with anticipation to see how the second half of our trip unfolds.