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Transatlantic Crossing - 2012, Session 1

Getting to Know Argo

Location: St. Georges, Bermuda

We all got our first real taste of life on Argo when we were abruptly woken up for breakfast. It was almost 8 am, but we're all used to sleeping in until noon at the earliest since it's finally summer! We had some time on shore where we all explored the town of St. George, ate LOTS of snow cones, and had the opportunity to buy plenty of snacks for the passage to the Azores. Most of the day was spent learning everything there is to know about Argo. We learned the names of practically every part of the boat, got to go into the engine room, got to know our responsibilities on board, and spent plenty of time in the heads learning how to properly flush/pump our toilets. It was really interesting, and our brains were all completely fried by the end. We left the dock this evening and anchored a little while away to shower and eat dinner. All the shipmates are amazing, and we've spent so much time bonding that they already feel like my family!