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Galapagos & Ecuador - 2011, Session 2

A "Wreak"-ful Day

Location: Galapagos

Author: Christopher
This day started rather early as we had to go to a pearl farm early in the day. After some delightful french toast, we got picked up and taken to the pearl farm area. It was great as we got to see what a pearl farm was actually like under the water and see someone take pearls out of the oysters. It was not only a fantastic experience, it was also somewhat educational. From here, we motored further north to a mooring area to prepare for two dives. The first dive took place in the Passe. Here there were a ton of sharks and from what I was told, rays too. It was a little unnerving as the sharks got a little too close for comfort. Overall it was a cool dive. After that, we had a small break at a restaurant, where everyone had either hot chocolate or coffee. From there we went to the wreck. This is where our second dive was. Before penetrating the wreck, we got to see a wild green turtle on the starboard side of the boat. Inside there was a cool air pocket which was rather big. It was a long day but was one if the best, like all the other 18 days.