Dive Director / Skipper

Simon first joined the AQ team in 2013 as a dive instructor and is now a Skipper and Diving Director for the AQ BVI programs. He has been introducing divers to the amazing underwater world for over a decade now and has dived in over 30 countries around the world, from South Africa to Honduras and Egypt to Australia (though not in his home country of Scotland surprisingly!) He especially enjoys seeing a new diver’s face light up after their first experience in the water. Simon is a PADI Master Instructor, CPR/First Aid Instructor Trainer, Cave Diver, Technical Diver, and also has his MCA Yachtmaster Offshore 200t and about 25,000 nautical miles of experience sailing around the South Pacific. When not on or under the water, Simon enjoys long distance running as a way to explore new villages, towns and cities around the world.

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