Matt Pidden (better known as Matty P to his shipmates) is one of the fastest skippers ActionQuest has ever seen, and he is excited to return for his third year. Matt grew up by the water, surfing, and windsurfing from a young age; however, he only took up sailing when he was 16. Since then, he has gone on to race yachts worldwide, including a 36-day race from the Philippines to Seattle, 7200nm across the North Pacific (where his closest neighbors were on the international space station), and more recently, from Hong Kong to the Philippines (pictured above with his brother and dad, moments before he set a new boat speed record of 20knts down a giant wave in the South China Sea). Matt somehow found the time to get his Yachtmaster Offshore license and spend three months hanging out on Seamester’s own Argo. While Matt excels in the harsh offshore racing conditions, he is beyond excited to have a break from Bristol University, reunite with his ActionQuest friends, and enjoy a summer of chill cruising in the BVIs.

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