Skipper/Dive Instructor

Maddy is a young swimmer who’s never far away from the water. Growing up in Norwich, she¬† traveled regularly to Menorca with her parents to work on their family sailboat and dinghy sail. She went to boarding school for 9 years and left with A levels in sport, food and biology. County swimming when she was younger, lifeguarding for 4 years, and school holidays working in kids camps, she’s always looking to learn and try new things. At 16 years old she went to Belize for a month to do marine conservation, learning species of fish participating in underwater species surveys. After A levels Maddy decided to do a path different from most and not go to university, instead going and getting her yachtmaster. Six months of sail training in the winter immediately sent her packing to work in hot places. Last summer she was a flotilla skipper for Medsailors with her own boat and up to 10 guests at a time, cooking for everyone and maintaining the boat then showing people around the new towns we arrived in every night. Maddy also has been diving since 9 and got her Divemaster last October and plans to do more whenever she can. At home Maddy is a runner, family person, cook, and big reader. She loves adventure, meeting new people, and wants to see as much of the world as she can.

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