Dive Instructor

Dan is from the UK and graduated from the University of Leicester with a history degree in 2016. He started diving with a marine conservation program which is where his passion for marine ecology began. Dan has been a PADI and SDI dive instructor around SE Asia for the past five years, including in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia‚Ķuntil COVID prompted his relocation to Saba in the Dutch Caribbean. He speaks Mandarin from teaching English in China and Taiwan and has experience as a technical dive guide and dive resort manager. While he enjoys planning and executing decompression dives, this doesn’t compare to his love for “muck diving.” Dan is happiest scouring the seafloor for tiny critters (especially nudibranchs) and loves underwater photography. Dan can usually be found up a tree or in a bush looking for wildlife to photograph when not underwater. Alternatively, follow the sound of out-of-tune singing. Dan is excited to be joining ActionQuest for the first time this summer and is looking forward to sharing his passion, experiences, and terrible jokes with everyone on the boat.

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