Quest AdventureBritish Virgin Islands
Introduction to Sailing & Watersports with Community Service

This is your voyage if you are looking for a high-paced adventure that offers you an opportunity to give back to the BVI at the same time.

On the Quest Voyage, you will become a seasoned sailor and earn up to twenty hours of community service. The hours spent participating in projects such as turtle population studies, mangrove reforestation and beach clean-ups will satisfy any school requirement and you'll also be helping to ensure that others can enjoy the BVI for years to come.

The Quest crew sails full-time with the Vega fleet and many of the activities, skills and certifications are the same. Besides mastering sailing, you'll also wakeboard, windsurf and explore the islands. You'll sail the incredible waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, snorkel through the famous Coral Gardens and hang out at 'Sydney's Peace & Love' with other AQ crews from around the world.

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  • Vixen Point...

    Go Watersports Crazy!

    Vixen point is the perfect place for a range of watersports, so we raft the boats Mediterranean-style to the white sand beach and get ready for two days of high action watersports fun!


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