Neptune AdventureBritish Virgin Islands
Focused Advanced Scuba Expedition

If you have a basic scuba certification or PADI referral and want to take it to an advanced level, check out Neptune!

Living aboard a 46-foot catamaran, you will achieve your PADI Advanced certification as well as five PADI specialties. The BVI ranks among the best diving areas of the Caribbean. A majestic, serene and eye-popping world awaits you when you slip into the seascape below. You'll understand this better than anyone when you dive Alice's Wonderland, Blue Chromis Reef and the wreck of the Chikuzen. This impressive 247-foot ship is now home to hundreds of pelagic fish, and may put you face-to-face with a 300-pound grouper or a school of tarpon!

Sailing the short distances between dive sites, you'll quickly become familiar with your yacht as you share responsibilities aboard. Along the way, you will also water ski and wakeboard, as well as explore the islands and kick back with our beach parties ashore.

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  • Learning the Ropes - Week 1

    We're off the dock!

    Week one of our BVI adventure program for teens is all about meeting new people, trying new activities and learning the ropes. Lots of sailing, scuba diving, and water sports dominate the landscape but for our students, it's the teamwork and camaraderie that is the highlight of the experience so far.


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