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Service & Cultural Adventures in Asia

GoBeyond Strudent TravelOur land-based service and adventure programs in Asia are coordinated and run with the community service arm of our organization, GoBeyond Student Travel (formerly Lifeworks International.) We offer three unique journeys to China, Thailand and India. Each journey has a unique feel, so read on and find the one that's best for you!

If you're searching for something more than just a typical summer trip; if you want to travel with real purpose, then GoBeyond. We go beyond ordinary high school travel programs and build cross-cultural service adventures perfectly geared to your interests and curiosities. Whether you're looking to contribute to authentic service projects, experience exhilarating adventure, or develop your language skills, GoBeyond will immerse you in a new culture where you can make a meaningful difference while on the journey of a lifetime.

Orphans of Beijing - China

GoBeyond Strudent Travel China

While living in Beijing, China's bustling capital city, lend a helping hand spending time with physically disabled children living in one of China's many private foster homes. When you're not changing their lives, change your own through deep exposure to Chinese culture. Experience dazzling martial arts demonstrations, painting and calligraphy classes, and tea ceremonies. Take in ancient history at the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and more.

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Service in the Land of Smiles - Thailand

GoBeyond Strudent Travel Thailand

Be a beacon of light in a shadowy world. As you travel around Thailand, you'll team up with various humanitarian efforts including the Duang Prateep Foundation and the New Life Project, both of which aim to give every child in need a good start. Don't just donate money – donate your time to bringing a little joy and helping the people who need it the most. Reward yourself and visit ornate ancient temples, browse traditional markets, and even ride an elephant!

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Tibetan Village Experience - India

GoBeyond Strudent Travel india

Spend three weeks living and learning within the Tibetan refugee population of Dharamsala. You'll be paired up with a Tibetan mutual learning partner (MLP) who will share firsthand knowledge of what life is really like on the fringe of civilization. It's the most intimate exchange program there is trading stories and experiences while aiding the Lha Charitable Trust in providing meaningful social and educational services to the people of Tibet. You'll also experience the sights and sounds of New Delhi, India's fast-paced capital city, and to Agra, to admire the Taj Mahal.

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