Dolphin AdventureBritish Virgin Islands
Focused Tropical Marine Biology with Advanced Scuba

If you are curious to learn more about tropical marine biology, the Dolphin Voyage, run by our staff marine biologists and oceanographers, provides an interactive opportunity to explore the aquatic realm in a way that others only dream about.

The qualifications and certifications you earn can even be applied toward your high school transcript! The real-world learning is more inspiring than anything you will find in a text book. You will conduct reef research while furthering your diving certifications and learning to sail. Other water activities include water skiing and wakeboarding. The program runs aboard sailing vessels, which become your home, floating classroom and lab for the duration of the voyage. The BVI is famous for its awesome array of marine organisms. You'll see what we mean the first time you break the liquid barrier!

Earn four different diving certifications and learn underwater photography to capture the amazing sights you are witnessing on research dives. Off the water, we'll visit the islands, explore the towns, cook out on the white sand beaches and hike to the top of the tallest mountain.

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  • Learning the Ropes - Week 1

    We're off the dock!

    Week one of our BVI adventure program for teens is all about meeting new people, trying new activities and learning the ropes. Lots of sailing, scuba diving, and water sports dominate the landscape but for our students, it's the teamwork and camaraderie that is the highlight of the experience so far.


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