Reef to Rainforest AdventureAustralia
Sailing, Scuba & Travel Adventure

Traveling from Sydney in the south to Cape Tribulation in the north, our AQ Australian expedition includes sailing, scuba, surfing, exploration, trekking and rainforest exploration.

The Reef to Rainforest Adventure is a high-action thrill ride. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, surf the waves at Manly Beach, circumnavigate the Whitsunday Islands aboard a yacht and join an intense scuba trip to the Great Barrier Reef, where you are likely to encounter huge schools of jack, grouper and cod.

You'll never forget whitewater rafting through some of the most inaccessible areas of the rainforest or hiking through Cape Tribulation where the rainforest and the reef meet at the water's edge. In the nature parks, you'll cuddle a real koala, hand feed a kangaroo and pat a wombat! To see even more of the Aussie wildlife, we'll catch a crocodile cruise down the Daintree River and take a night safari through the rainforest which is reputed to be home to the largest range of plants and animals on earth.

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  • Voyage Blog Entry...

    Billabong and back

    Author: Dana Luukko
    Location: Townsville

    After a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, corn pancakes and milo pancakes, we headed to Billabong Sanctuary. There we got to hold a croc, wear a snake, hold a wombat, and pet a koala. It was an amazing experience!

    After Billabong, we headed back to Townsville to wander about the town. Some of the gang hiked the "goat trail" of Castle Hill for a beautiful view of the city. Later, we had amazing Aussie burgers for dinner. After we were stuffed, we headed to the movies to see the final Harry Potter. It certainly was an exciting adventure of a day!