Barracuda AdventureBritish Virgin Islands
Advanced Scuba With Marine Biology

If you are a certified diver and want to raise your certification level while learning about marine biology, the Barracuda Voyage is for you.

The Junior Advanced students typically sail with the advanced diving fleet and receive a combination of both PADI scuba certifications and tropical marine biology instruction. Not only will you gain additional diving certifications, you will explore fascinating marine life. Fish and sea creature identification, reef ecosystems and fish dissections are only part of this interactive learning adventure.

After refreshing your scuba skills, the real fun begins. Our PADI Staff Instructors take you and your dive buddy - one step at a time - toward your advanced certifications. Your first night dive may seem spooky, but any apprehension will disappear as you scope out the colorful nocturnal world. Seeing the diversity of marine life on dive sites like the wreck of the RMS Rhone, voted the best wreck dive in all of the Caribbean, will blow your mind!

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  • Learning the Ropes - Week 1

    We're off the dock!

    Week one of our BVI adventure program for teens is all about meeting new people, trying new activities and learning the ropes. Lots of sailing, scuba diving, and water sports dominate the landscape but for our students, it's the teamwork and camaraderie that is the highlight of the experience so far.


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