Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We arrived strangers from all parts- USA, Canada, UK, Bahamas- but halfway through the voyage, the inhabitants of Zourite are already starting to function as a team! The divemasters are cruising through their manual and are assisting with the scuba instruction. Meg, Matt, and Rebecca have proven their navigation and dive management skills by leading all the advanced divers with their fish ID dive. Ella, Wilks, Maddie, John, and Alex are learning how to assist open water instruction. All are mastering their scuba skills circuit and dive site management and flow. Their effects are definitely having a positive impact for both instructors and students alike. The Vegas are flying through their PADI open water scuba course. All have passed their final exams and completed their first open water dive. Christian and Teddy have shown their passion for sailing/racing Picos. When Jason is not relaxing in the sail bag, he is a great helmsman and an excellent hand on deck. Jo also proved her hand at helming by helping Zourite win our race to Anegada. All aboard Zourite are becoming better sailors. She is a fast boat, and we are looking forward to completing our sail around Tortola, as well as enjoying the beautiful waters, sandy beaches, and striking vistas!