Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today at 7 am, we woke up at Vixen Point and started the day with Zesting. I was on a Zest with Mason, who has some sailing experience. We started at the shore and began to Zest around and performed plenty of tacks and jibes. After Zesting the Aquarius divers went out for a dive at the Rhone cannons, while the Vega divers learned how to use their dive tables. After lunch, we learned about coral conservation and how to help preserve our rapidly diminishing coral reefs. Then we went to shore at Leverick Bay, and many of us contacted our parents and friends. Upon our return we motored over to, and anchored, at Mountain Point; where a shipmate of ours, Jack, baked us some brownies as a desert.

We are looking forward to our dive chat this evening and another great day tomorrow!