Location: Leverick Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today started with a 7:30 wakeup while the chefs were busy in the galley making French toast for breakfast. When the last dish was put away, we went straight into a scuba chat about how to read our dive tables. After the last test was handed back, we headed straight into a BA (boat appreciation) and cleaned up our cabins and headed for fresh water showers. We changed into bathing suits, sun-screened up, and headed for Vixen Point. We learned how to sail a Zest boat with High in the Breeze. We scrambled back onto the boat and headed for Leverick Bay for shore time. When everybody was done with their grocery shopping spree, we headed back to the boat, and the chefs got ready for our Mexican dinner night. After a quick swim, we ate dinner and got into our pajamas for another scuba chat. We set up our hammocks and the blue lagoon and got into bed. It was truly a great day!