Location: Summer's Beach, Tortola

People around me have always told me that you never know what you have til its gone. The part they don’t mention is the experience you gain when you’re away from everything that was once taken for granted. I miss my parents, my brothers, my best friend and all the people I’m used to. I miss showers with flowing water where I can sing to myself. Being here, my bed that I share with my fellow shipmates has made me realize that although I may miss those “things” I have become accustomed to my new family and life here on Grand Cru. We may have chores to do every day but at the end of the day everyone says “love ya’ll” and mean it! Today was a relaxing day. The Dolphin group started their first research dive while the Neptunes relaxed and went water skiing. After lunch Dolphins went turtle tagging. For this three people are pulled by a rope connected to a dinghy while snorkeling. Hope was almost lost until Pablo came back to the boat with a Green turtle. About two foot long with a shell that was a tie-dye pattern of dark greens, browns, and turquoise.

The day ended with a beach BBQ. Something interesting is that there were no grills. Instead our burgers and hot dogs were grilled in between the crevasses of the huge rock formations. Now it has become dark and we are ending our day laying underneath the stars. So far tonight we have spotted 2 shooting stars. Its incredible to think about this but what comforts me is looking up at the night knowing my mom is looking at the same sky, same moon, and same stars. I’ll wake up tomorrow like every other morning and realize I’m on a boat. That this is real but I can’t fathom the feeling I will have once I’m home and wake up not on this boat with these people I’ve grown so close to. We’ve become a family. We love, support, help, argue, disagree, and forgive in the way every family should.