Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Waves. Sand. Jelly fish encounters. What a time to be alive. The magnificent vessel of Pure Joy awoke to the calling of “oga Chaca” from the melodious tune Hooked on a Feeling. Upon the first morning light we embarked along the salty shores of the BVIs. Though t’was a lovely day we faced our fair share of adversities. Wether it was a lost dish washing bucket, or swift air consumption on our first dive (cough cough Julian) we made it out alive. Currently, I sit in the salon of the boat pondering the melancholy of life whilst the others enjoy cleaning time. Our dinner was a mix of risotto and salad – it reminded our European members of their time in France. As the day comes to a close with the effervescent shades of night drawing inward, we are left to ponder existential issues. To my family (Mommy and Papa B) know that I miss you and Graham dearly. To my sovereign nation, God Bless America. Also, our British members would like us to recollect God Save the Queen.