Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

First rotation day, yo! The weather was a perfect 90 degrees with a constant breeze, and two “ninja” showers came through. Our boat started the day on the Caribbean Soul learning all about knots and dinghies. The knots were fairly easy to learn about, but driving the dinghies was a different story. Everyone had a close call. Next, we all split up between advanced divers and beginners (except Emily, who was being a good person doing community service). Everyone’s dive was awesome! The beginners first time to breathe underwater was life-changing, and for the returning divers being back in the water was fantastic. After diving, we had lunch, which was probably some of the best sandwiches any of us had ever had because we were so hungry. Next, we did watersports! Skiing, boarding (both of the foot and the knee fashion) weren’t for everyone, but it was a great bonding experience. Then came my favorite part of the day: windsurfing!! The feeling of having the wind carry you away is marvelous, and everyone enjoyed it. We even made a drip castle. For dinner, we had chili and rice! It was delicious, mostly because Jeanne and Jess were the chefs. Our boat is becoming close, and that is an amazing thing to have in a place like this. The entire crew is fantastic. Shoutouts to Carles, Layne, Emily, Jess, Jani, Mai, Virginia, Nathan, Michael, Jeanne, Louise, Anna, Craig, Jake, and the barracudas.