Location: West End, Tortola

Today we started the day off quickly and efficiently with the average cereal and catchy music. Then we were off to West End! Back to where it all started that very first night. When we arrived at the dock, we began a day-long deep clean of the entire boat. From ceiling to floor, we used all of the elbow grease available. It was hilarious, to be honest, and extremely hot, 95 degrees inside the boat to be exact, thanks to Teddy’s dive watch temperature feature. Once the cleaning was finally finished, we spent hours in the water jumping off of our pet dinghy Lava and having the time of our lives. We then indulged in one of our first real meals from land, which was thankfully 5 boxes of amazing pizza. I can still taste the cheese! We then showered, hung out on the hard top of the boat, remembering all of the memories we’ve made together, and then before we knew it is was dinner time. We had amazing barbecue food from a delicious local restaurant called Pusser’s. Then came squeeze, where we talked about our favorite experiences and a few funny things about everyone’s potential futures. We finished the night watching Moana and singing to the songs while signing each other’s pieces of the ActionQuest flag that moved high and proud at the top of our sail since day 1. An amazing keepsake, in my professional opinion. We all can’t wait to see our friends and family tomorrow. See you all soon!!

Pictured: the crew chilling on the hardtop; pizza from Omar’s; the pool party; a few of the girl bosses enjoying the sun; Zara and Zoe chilling in Lava