Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

On day 9, we were awoken, excited for many reasons. Not only was it a day of sailing and other different water sports, it was Wyatt, the man, the myth, the legend’s birthday. As Wyatt said, “I am like the moon, and everyone is like the little stars surrounding me.” On this fateful day, it was true. After waking to the voices of Kackie, Davis, and Justin, we got ready for waterskiing and wakeboarding. After absolutely demolishing the waves, we sailed the boats for a while until it was time to scuba dive. On our third confined water dive, we worked on several skills that helped to further our diving skills. After that, we went and showered and had a Mexican dinner. As of now, we’re sitting in the cabin, spending time together, and waiting for the rest of the birthday day celebrations to begin! We’re all excited for what’s to come!