Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we set sail before all the other ships to arrive early for our beautiful dive at the Rhone! After we reached our destination, we had delicious cereal and apples to kickstart our bodies for the day ahead. The Rhone was unlike any other dive I have ever experienced, at least for me, haha I don’t know about everyone else, but, as I was saying, the Rhone is so magical. The sunken ship was coated and inhabited with marine life in every possible place you could imagine. The tragic shipwreck, though caused strife and suffering for many, now serves as a historical landmark and home for thousands of species which we had the honor to see. After the dive, we visited Salt Island, where supposedly the Queen of England gets her salt from. We hiked to the highest point of the island, which gave us a beautiful view of the life below us and beyond us. As we hiked back down, some of us hunted for shells while some of us took it easy and let the waves of the ocean cool us down. After a while, we had ramen soup for lunch which was so delicious, and then the boat hopped around to take the rest of the day easy, even though one of the ships had a boom swing and most of us swung from it many, many times haha. We finally made it back onto Blue Tide, where we sailed back over to Peter Island to have some downtime and cook breakfast for dinner, yum! Today was full of stories which I know I will be passing on for as long as I can remember them.