Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today our boat woke up to freshly cooked pancakes from Dylan and me at 5:30. After breakfast, all the Neptunes suited up to do their first wreck dive on the HMS Rhône. The HMS Rhône sunk during a hurricane in 1867. While all the passengers died, a family living on nearby Salt Island rescued all of the dead bodies. As a thank you, the Queen allowed the family to live on the island tax-free in exchange for a pound of salt, which continues to this day. Brabee, Alexis, Harley, Ellie, Natalie, Ryan, and Julia, were also able to dive the Rhone. During the dive, both groups saw multiple reef sharks, sea turtles, and groupers. After the dive, we debriefed and got ready for our hike on Salt Island. As we unloaded the dingy, the dingy unexpectedly shut off, and I got tasked to try and help get the dingy get back up and running. After about 30 minutes, we were able to get it working. As we hiked, we were able to look over the cliff and see the wreck from above. When we returned to the boat, we did a boat appreciation and cleaned up our rooms. We also had ramen for lunch which was cooked by our fantastic skipper Matt. After our cleaning, we all fell asleep as we sailed back to Great Harbor Peter. After our sail, the Neptune’s snorkeled their night dive site and saw lots of sand and sea urchins, while the Rescues did Rescue 4 and 5. For dinner, we had Chicken Caesar Salad and Risotto. After our scrumptious dinner, the Neptune’s departed for our night dive. As we descended into the black abyss, we were greeted by a choir of rescue divers singing Moana and Roxanne. During the dive, we saw shrimp, small baitfish, and seagrass. After the dive, the boys, Ben, Preston, Dylan, Ryan, and Fernando, all showered and worked on our dive logs and ate teddy Graham’s courtesy of Ben. Now we are going to squeeze and go to bed. PS Mom, I’m not starving! – Preston Cheek #27