Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started today in Great Harbor, Peter Island. After a breakfast of eggs, we set sail to our dive site, Wreck Alley. This is where we would complete our final two dives for our wreck diver specialty. On our first dive, we practiced setting a line on the wreck. We then re-fueled with a lunch of chicken salad wraps. On our second dive, we penetrated the wreck, following the line through various entires and exits. It was really cool to be able to see the layout of the wreck from the inside and we saw lots of cool fish. We then swam over to a spot where there were two more wrecks and got to look at them from above. After that dive, we returned to Great Harbor, Peter Island where our two chefs made a ‘great breakfast for dinner’ meal! As for the Dolphins, while the Neptunes did their wreck dives, we did a fun dive at Blue Chromis, then had a sargassum lecture. Tonight, out project presentations will be done in front of a PADI head office representative!