Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today has been an incredible day 6! We started off our morning with a delicious batch of french toast. Next, we motored over to Mountain Point where we dove the Kraken, our first wreck dive. Dolphins and Neptunes swam around the ship and we saw many fascinating yellow line arrow crabs. After that, we journeyed to Leverick Bay and devoured lunch at Jumbie’s. The girls on our boat went to a spa and got three matching cornrows on the sides of their heads. Following that, we motored to Vixen Point. Neptunes listened to their deep diver lecture and Dolphins experienced an eye-opening mangrove snorkel. We saw juvenile barracudas, brittle star, and many sea pearls. Mangrove snorkeling was easily one of the neatest parts of the trip. We completed our night with a beach BBQ and dancing. Day 6 is not one to forget.