Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we got to sleep in until 8 am and Matt made us breakfast bagels. After cleanup, we set up our gear and did a fun dive in GHP. We dove with Alisa and got to take our fins off and play in the sand at the bottom. When we surface, we put our gear away and set sail for Road Town. We arrived there around 11 am, got our phones and money, and then the whole boat went to find some frozen yogurt. We later made our way to a restaurant where we all enjoyed a nice lunch and exchanged all our contact info for once we leave. We did a final run to get snacks and went back to the boat by 1:30. We then raced against the other dive side boats to make it to Norman Island. We sang all our favorite songs and got to have fresh water showers upon arrival. We ate cheddar broccoli pasta for dinner and are now cleaning up. Tonight we will write one index card to everyone on the boat, and they will receive them in a package as they leave. This is an AQ tradition we are all looking forward to!