Location: Vixen Point, Prickly Pear

The day started with a delicious french toast breakfast at 7:30 am, one of the best breakfasts so far if not the best! Then we all got our dive gear and got in the water for our first naturalist dive. We came up and ran to our Hibiclens showers. Then, all fresh and clean, we came on shore on Leverick Bay. The first thing we all did was look for a place to eat. Unfortunately, the food took about an hour and a half to come, and we only had 15 minutes to eat and walk back to our beloved boat Odyssea. Finally, we sailed to Vixen where the staff had a surprise prepared to show us how baby turtles struggle to survive. And believe me, we learned, after being tackled by staff pretending to be crabs and preventing us from going in the water. The Dolphins went for a snorkel while the Neptunes had a lecture. Then we had some beach time where we played volleyball or just relaxed. Now we’re all getting ready for the beach party, and we’ll all have an awesome time!