Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today, as every day, we woke up with our music CD, Frankie, Caleigh, and Oscar were already cooking breakfast, super enthusiastic as always. Around 10:30, we sailed to this little beach where we dove. Our first dive of the day was a navigation dive. My buddy and I had a lot of fun, and everyone enjoyed themselves. After that, we had lunch. It was delicious – tortilla soup. Today was a relaxing day. The sea was calm, which allowed us to do our rescue training exercises. We had to pull “unconscious” people into our boat and practice first aid. It was a lot of fun watching Fritz try to pull Oscar up while Oscar kept making funny noises. Or even Izzy, trying to get on the boat. But in the end, we all managed to do it. Let’s not forget that we are Rescue Divers! That was only the first part of our rescue training; now, for the second part, we had to include the first aid, which didn’t make it any easier for us. I think we did pretty well. It was a teamwork effort, and this is what makes our boat so special. We are a family, no matter what happens. For example, today, when we were sailing, the wind pushed my water bottle in the water. The whole boat stood up and took part to help me get it back. And this brings us to the afternoon. We took Sumo and went on the small beach. We had a really good time. I think my favorite part was watching the boys throw Blair in the air and watch her land in the water. We then went back on the boat to dance the Wobble while all the other boats watched. We are the coolest boat! Tonight is the BBQ where all of the boats come together.

I am looking forward to it, and I’m sure we will have an amazing time.